Get Your Best Leaf Shine


Squeaky Clean Plants


Ever had an indoor plant, or balcony plant that you thought was starting to look a little dull and lacklustre? Chances are it’s got a build-up of dust and every day grime on the leaves. Not only does this make the plant look dull, but plants breath through their leaves, so end up suffocating in the build-up.

Here are Adam's best tips for shining up those leaves:

Remove the dirt from the leaves.
There are different ways to do this. One is to use a damp cloth and gently wipe away the build-up with one hand wiping from the stem of the leaf to the outer edge, with your other hand placed gently underneath the leaf. The other method is to take your plant to the bathroom and pop it in the shower for a gentle rinse.

Make it shiny.
Once your plants leaves have been cleaned take a dry soft clothe and gently wipe the leaves again to shine. If you even more shine is to get your hands on some Leaf Shine spray. A quick spritz to the leaves and then wipe away for a squeaky clean shine.

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