GARDENING TIP - Water Effectively


For Happy Succulents

images by Chris Rae Design


Be sure your succulents are getting the correct amount of water in the heat this summer. Succulents are water saving plants so over-watering can be a problem.

The rule of thumb is one water per week. Give them a big drink at the start of your week and once more later in the week if your succulents take up residence in a particularly hot perch in the sun and if we have a particularly hot week. Watering should be done in the early morning or in the evening so that the roots have optimum time to soak up the water before the sun arrives to dry up the soil.

images by Chris Rae Design

It is better to give them a good soaking less often rather than little amounts of watering on a daily basis. A good way to make sure you’re not over watering is to test the soil. Place an entire finger in to the soil and if you feel a lot of water you can wait before watering again.