Award-winning landscape Horticulturist, Stylist, Landscape & Interior Designer, Adam Robinson started his design practice in 2011. Adam Robinson Design (ARD) studio is based on Oxford Street, Paddington, in Sydney.




The exterior of a home should be as stylish and welcoming as the interior | Good design can express a client’s personality seamlessly throughout a home, inside and out | Through design we can bring life force and revitalising energy to any space | A garden is a living, interactive and evolving thing, it’s not a static installation | Garden’s are therapeutic places of sanctuary and healing – they help restore you | Having a beautiful exterior space is like having your own private spa resort at home.




Adam Robinson

Creative Director

Adam is a master of urban gardening with a passion for working with all types of outdoor spaces, including balconies, verandahs, patios, courtyards, all sizes of backyards, and even improving kerbside appeal and entrance ways to the home.

He relishes the challenge of coming up with clever, innovative design solutions, styling and plant palette ideas to really maximise any metropolitan outdoor space. Adam delights in creating designs that amplify and intensify the lifestyle aspects the space can provide its owners/users. Adam loves to create concise, compact and luxuriously comfortable oases that not only look beautiful and offer their owners a relaxing sanctuary, they are highly functional and often extroverted spaces that really welcome social gatherings, entertaining and fun!


Josh Yaqub

Landscape Designer & Stylist

In 2012, Josh left a 10 year career as an Advertising Executive, to follow his passion for beautiful gardens and plants. He moved from Brisbane to Sydney to complete the Landscape Design Diploma at the Ryde School of Horticulture and has never looked back.

By the end of 2012, Josh landed a job at Boutique Retail Nursery Garden Life. His time at Garden Life helped cement his love of the Landscaping Industry and exposed him to invaluable plant and design knowledge. It also introduced him to many of his heroes of the industry, including Adam.

In 2014, Josh joined Adam in a part time capacity, splitting his time between Adam Robinson Design, Garden Life and the completion of his Diploma. By 2015, Josh had completed his Diploma and joined Adam in a full time capacity.

While working with Adam, Josh combines the client services skills he developed in his previous career, with the ongoing knowledge constantly learned on a daily basis working in and on ARD’s garden design projects.


Hamish Chapman

Landscape Architect

Hamish began working part-time at ARD in July of this year. He recently finished his studies in Landscape Architecture at UNSW, where he developed a passion for understanding and designing outdoor spaces, and designing with plants. During his degree, Hamish undertook an exchange semester in Copenhagen, which inspired his undergraduate thesis that investigated how Copenhagen’s entrenched culture of bicycling influences peoples’ use of parks and public spaces.

Throughout his studies, Hamish also worked as a gardener, maintaining a number of sizeable gardens on Sydney’s north shore alongside an experienced horticulturalist. He continues to work in a small number of these gardens, and has also returned to UNSW as a tutor to first year students in the Landscape Architecture program. The subjects he is involved with have a focus on horticulture, ecology, and planting design.


Dan Doherty

Landscape Designer & Stylist

Daniel is a Landscape Designer who has held a lifelong passion for horticulture and architecture. When he is not helping clients create their dream outdoor spaces, he is to be found at a rare plants market, exploring the mountains or riding his bike.

With 12 years’ experience in the landscaping industry, Daniel has found that successful designs come from carefully listening to the brief, conducting thorough and insightful site analyses and always maintaining respect for the local community and history of the site.

Daniel is driven by a desire to find beauty in the everyday. He is happiest when spending time with friends and family outdoors. He enjoys creating gardens that inspire connections and allow space for tranquillity.


Bron Alder

Landscape Designer & Stylist

Bron began working with Adam Robinson Design in October 2018 after spending the last 5 years managing a retail nursery in Newtown and operating her own gardening business. From an early age Bron would spend hours in the garden dissecting flowers, inspecting root systems and harvesting homegrown veggies. This fascination and passion has directed her educational journey with studies in Applied science, horticulture and landscape design.

“Through clever and thoughtful design of urban outdoor spaces, we are able to connect people with the natural world and illuminate its benefit in day-to-day life. Great Landscape design can act as tool not only improve an individuals well-being, but also educate on the value of increasing and retaining urban greenspace.”




Paige Robinson is one of the newest additions to team ARD this year. She is our dynamic Studio Manager who rules the roost with her strong sassy attitude. She appears to have a hard shell, yet loves nothing more than curling up for an afternoon nap on a colleagues lap – whoever will have her.

It’s hard yakka being the office vacuum cleaner and there’s all those sticks to lug back from doggie park and chew! Even though she’s a petite pooch she is a Boss when it comes to personality and has everyone wrapped around her paw.




The Mahony Group

Mahony Group is a market leader in the dynamic and exciting landscape industry. With 10 years of experience in all aspects of landscape development, construction and maintenance they provide the complete package for each clientele.