GARDENING TIP - Autumn Fertilising


Prepare Your Lawns & Plants



Gardens all around Sydney are beginning to shut down for Winter. Which means it’s the perfect time to fertilise your lawns and plants. 

Following Summer, your lawns and plants will have been through the heat of the season and are in need of rejuvenation. Fertilising in Autumn means strong roots. When your plants and lawns come out of dormancy at the start of Spring they’ll have a strong base to last throughout the warmer seasons. 


A good nitrogen based boost will help green everything up and a phosphorus fertiliser will promote great root growth. Make it a slow release fertiliser, which will mean nutrients will be available to your lawns and plants up until they come to life in Spring.

What to do? Get yourself a good fertiliser. IsOrganic Life in a 20kg bag is perfect. You will need to use one handful per plant and water in. For lawns you’ll need to spread the fertiliser over the lawn. It’s best to get dirty and spread around nicely with your hands.