GARDENING TIP - Autumn Planting


Ideal Planting Season

Plan ahead so you start spring with a flourishing garden. Image from Adam Robinson Design's Glebe Landscape Design project

You will be surprised at the difference good planning can make with soil preparation. Image from Adam Robinson Design's Glebe Landscape Design project


Often we only start thinking about planting towards the end of winter when the excitement of spring approaches. While planning in autumn doesn’t mean flowering gardens it does provide ideal conditions for planting many trees, flowering plants, shrubs and many herbs and veggies. 

Plants planted in Autumn, before the colder winter months arrive, will have time to establish so they can flourish in spring. 

To prepare it’s important to prep the soil, for any plants. Set yourself up with a good fertiliser and spend that extra time creating generous sized holes for your plants to grow in to. A generous sized planting hole will allow your plants their best growth up until spring when they flourish.

Make sure you also give your plants a good drenching of water. This will ensure your plants roots will grow at their best as they thrive in that cool moist soil. Happy planting!

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