Plants Are Nature's Air Freshener


City Living


For all of us living in the city, it should be a no-brainer to fill our home interior full of plant life purely because it’s one of the most simple and economical solutions to help protect us from the impact of air pollution and is super easy to implement.  Plants can literally help people heal, they increase productivity and reduce the amount of energy we use.

When you travel to countries like China and India you realise we have it pretty good in Australia when it comes to air pollution.  However, even though our smog levels are not as high as some other countries we should be mindful that more and more people in our cities are suffering from eye irritation, respiratory problems, headaches and asthma.  The humble houseplant have purifying power to filter the indoor air free of CO2 which is high in harmful pollutants emitted from indoor plastic or synthetic furniture, furnishing and equipment like computers, copiers and paints and solvents. 

Scientific studies have shown how efficiently plants can remove these pollutants, cleanse stale air and reduce some of the physical symptoms mentioned above and even help with loss of concentration and feelings of ‘stuffiness’.   Discover the health benefits related to indoor plants in combating depressions as they add life force to your space and raise your spirits, reducing feelings of stress or fatigue – it’s even proved now that having plants indoors in an office environment improve productivity and performance in the workplace.


Some of the best type of plants for indoor air filters are

  • Areca palms

  • Dracaenas

  • Devils Ivy

  • Mother-in-law’s tongue

  • Peace Lily

  • Rubber Plant

  • Palms


Bring pots of jasmine and other scented plants when they’re flowering indoors for a naturally scented air-freshener.  It is recommended that you should have one plant per 100 square feet to use the plants most effectively. 

Other ways to help your houseplants keep your home free of toxicity

  • Ventilate your home well – open windows and doors to let the fresh air circulate

  • Use natural cleaning agents with water to clean – ditch the chemical cleaners

  • Use natural scents – avoid synthetic air fresheners and use natural aromatherapy oils and naturally scented beeswax candles.