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1. Darken a boundary wall to define an area and evoke a moody feel 2. Layer green-on-green to make your garden lush then add accents of coloured planting to compliment your space 3. Use oversized hardscaping or pavers to play with scale


Featured in the June edition of Inside Out, we take you through some style tips with our Glebe Heritage project. This beautiful heritage terrace home is situated in the heart of Glebe and has recently undergone a contemporary update on the inside. 

The front of the house retained its heritage look and feel, but the owners really wanted something contemporary and useable out the back to reflect their lifestyle. A family with young school aged children, part of the brief was to look at creating as much usable space as possible while remaining relatively private.


The balcony upstairs was created as a sophisticated adult retreat where the views could be taken advantage of. While downstairs the courtyard turned in to a larger entertaining space, perfect for gatherings for all members of the family and their friends.

The small garden was maximised with the design of a usable green area. The existing cream boundary walls were darkened. Our clients have an affinity with the colour purple, so we opted for a deep eggplant. The walls define the space, making it feel like the walls are receding. They also act as a great backdrop for the light textural green of the bamboo, which really pops.

In the garden beds, lots of texture was used and a green-on-green palette was chosen with a few accents of burgundy to pick up the wall colour. Only just over a year old and this garden has grown exponentially and really filled the space.

4. Accent and create depth by adding a mirror to the corner of your garden

5. Add character with a garden wall and pot cluster of mixed planting


6. Use potted plants to play with scale against your furniture and surrounds

Slender Weaver bamboo was the perfect plant to screen the boundary of this small garden. It stays narrow so it can be placed in small garden beds. The fast growth patterns of Bamboo mean that the space is filled with a sheet of green which can already, only a year on, be taken advantage of from the outlook from the property.

The use of the garden bed behind the bench seat adds to the feeling of being immersed in the garden, softening the hard surfaces and making the space feel inviting and relaxing as soon as you enter from inside to out. This also masks the boundary walls, giving the illusion of the garden being much bigger than it is.


The oversized stepping pads also play with the scale in the garden, which helps make the garden feel bigger. We used a stunning grey, timber-look, porcelain tile from Italy which gives the feeling of the timber without the maintenance issues. These are planted in between with mondo grass so there isn’t any maintenance issues with mowing or die-off.

The depth of the bench seat, gives a luxurious and relaxing feel, providing a space for people to recline and lounge rather than forcing you to sit upright.

For other tips checkout our Outdoor Style Tips page.

7. Create a feeling of an oasis by adding a wall of planting and back your seating with a garden bed

8. Soften hardscapes with grass planting and climbing vines


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