GARDENING TIP - Controlling Weeds


Prepping Your Gardens in Spring

Often we don’t prepare for the onset of weeds and instead spend our time pulling out and killing weeds all over the garden in Spring/Summer time. Spring is the optimum growing conditions for the plants we love to grow and just as perfect growing conditions for weeds.  

As such, it is best to prepare your gardens in Spring to limit weed growth in the coming months. Her are our tips to best maintain those annoying weeds:

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Many weeds remain dormant in the top inches below the surface of our gardens. Digging and cultivating will expose the weeds seeds to the surface and allow them to spread and grow. When digging, be sure to immediately cover up new patches with soil. 

Mulch is important in keeping soil cool and moist while depriving weeds of light. Organic mulches are best as they often contain friendly carabid beetles and crickets which will seek out and devour weed seeds. Be sure to continually replenish the mulch as needed to keep it oxygenated. If weeds grow throw, pull them out as they appear. 

If you see a weed, pull it out. Often we let small weeds surrounding the base of our favourite plants stay for a while. We water our plants and subsequently the weeds, which eventually take off and grow. Don’t give them the chance.

Spring is the perfect time to pull weeds and following a shower of rain is even better. After a good shower head out to the garden to have a weeding session. Collect the weeds you pull in a container or plastic and dispose of them right after you’re done. It’s common sense, but make sure you weed before you plant!

Weeds can sometimes get out of control. A herbicide such as Roundup can be used to apply to the weeds and kill them off. New organic weed control products can be used as well. They will ‘burn’ off foliage and kill off weeds naturally and quite quickly. For an organic alternative herbicide try Nature’s Avenger Organic or something from BioSafe’s weed control range. 

Keep weeding this Spring so you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful Summer weather Sydney has to offer.