Floating Flowers


Water Bowls


Having elements of nature on display in your home brings beauty and a wonderful sense of peace and tranquillity.  Actually, research apparently shows that keeping nature close to us reduces anger and anxiety and actually boosts feelings of pleasure.

In Asian countries such as Bali, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand it is quite common to find a water bowl filled with an arrangement of floating flowers and foliage as a form of reverence towards nature, a sign of welcome to visitors and a way to adorn your home with something beautiful.

You know the feeling when you walk into certain homes and the house just feels right from the moment you walk in the door.  In Chinese culture they would refer to the Feng Shui of the house being good, or in India they would refer to the ancient Indian science of Vastu.  Vastu experts claim that proper placement of household items will bring positivity into the home, and flood it with good life force.  Nowhere is this more noticeable than at the entrance to a home and that’s why so many homes in Asia use the water bowl of flowers to decorate their entryway to create a lovely first impression when inviting guests into their home and make them feel welcome.

Entrances to a home should feel uncluttered and be a seamless transition into the rest of the house.  According to Vastu principles, water denotes wealth, and a simple bowl filled with water and flowers found near the main entrance is considered highly auspicious.  The water and flowers should be changed and refreshed regularly for greatest benefit.