The Japanese Windflower


Anemone x Hybrida


The hybrid Anemone, commonly known as the Japanese Windflower, is an evergreen, clump forming, perennial that is part of the Ranunculaceae family.

Low, clumps of irregularly shaped, dark green leaves form a dense, rich cover just above ground level.  From late Summer to mid-Autumn, long flower tendril-like stems are produced which stand well above the base leaves.  The stunning flower of either white or pink that sits atop the stem is a typical anemone flower – stunning! 


This is the perfect plant for any mixed flower border, or as ground cover, a shrubbery or under trees – lovely to grow in pots too.  They grow to approximately 1.3 metres.

It likes well drained, rich soil and are fine in partial shade.  It is fast growing and as its name suggests, it long-stemmed blooms look so pretty bobbing about in the breeze.