Little Albion Guest House


Featuring Our Moderno Pots


Architecture: Terence Yong, Chris Haughton

Interior Design: Connie Alessi, Cressida Kennedy

Builder – Connie Alessi (Tektonik) with 8 Hotels

Landscape Architecture: Myles Baldwin

Lighting Design: Connie Alessi in collaboration with Adam Edge


Little Albion Guest House is situated in the heart of Surry Hills, fronting two streets; Albion Street and Little Albion Street.  It occupies a tiny North-South-oriented urban infill site in a densely built up urban environment, deprived of natural sunlight.  It is wedged between two heritage buildings; a former Presbyterian church, which is currently a cool commercial office building, and a former school hall, which is now an apartment building.  All three buildings form part of a Heritage Conservation Area.

Little Albion Guest House is a solicitous, new concept for a building that evolved from a convent to a boarding house and is now a luxurious guest house.


The entry is fronted by a black steel fence and automated gate that opens onto a European style courtyard with black ash pavers which contrast beautifully with the copper detailing, timber banquette seating and clusters of contemporary potted plants, including an auburn-leaf Maple tree and topiary buxus. ARD and Garden Life’s Moderno pots also feature in the mix!

The building is crowned with a North-facing, beautifully appointed and landscaped Secret Rooftop Garden with panoramic views of the city.  Ferns have taken hold and spring out from cracks in the red brickwork of the old church and are a charming mix with minimal, grass, urban thatching, and eclectic plantings in the rooftop container garden.  Two huge potted Olives and cottage-style plant scheme juxtapose magnificently with the white Austral glazed brick, steel and glass lift shaft and black trims that contrast with the warmth and history of the surrounding heritage building.