FEATURE - Rooftops & Courtyards


I am completely and utterly loving designing small spaces at the moment. With inner city living being extremely popular and the abundance of new multi-story developments going up it's no surprise why these small outdoor spaces are so crucial to us.

We are receiving more and more enquiries about small spaces and to be very honest they are very welcomed. From Rooftop gardenscourtyard gardens and light wells.  We have many on the drawing board, under construction and in our portfolio so share with you.  Designing these spaces brings us so much joy and seeing how they change our clients lifestyle is fulfilling.

The trick to small spaces is all in the design.  I believe they should:

  • Take into mind every square inch of the space (as every inch is so crucial)

  • The palette should be one that is harmonious and easy to live with.

  • If possible allow for a dining area, lounge space and outdoor cooking facilities. Incorporate storage. You can never have too much.

  • Have very stylish and comfortable furniture as this is sometimes the focal point to the space.

  • Allow your furniture to be multi purpose. A side table can double as a stool for extra seating. A bench seat can double as storage.

  • Incorporate an automated irrigation system. As the space is small you want what plant material you do have, to be looking good all year round.