House & Garden Feature


Mini Urban Greenscapes


Just a little bit proud, actually, strike that - I’m pretty bloody chuffed to have our projects across three pages in the current House & Garden magazine April issue’s Garden Special.

The first project featured is a balcony of a Sydney apartment that was named Best in Category at the AILDM National Landscape Design Awards 2016. It’s a lovely north-facing pocket oasis that receives direct sunlight and we’ve used two large exterior mirrors on the walls opposite each other to bounce the light around and reflect the greenery adding to the lush depth and vibrant feel of the space.

A gorgeous, colourful front entrance of a charming 1920’s Sydney home is the second project featured. It was a pleasure to collaborate with interior designer, Kate Bell on this one. I love working with like-minded people and working with Kate is always a pleasure. Ok, that’s enough chest puffing for now ;)