Finishing Touches

Balcony Garden Styling


Quite often it’s the finishing touches – the styling – of an interior or exterior space that really ties a design together in a harmonious way and makes you want to live in that space.

At ARD we take the final styling and decorating of an outdoor space very seriously and believe it’s just as critical as the overall design.  Our team is often engaged to simply style an outdoor area; spatially organise all the elements into the right place, select the furniture, plants, pots, soft furnishings and accessories. 

This compact balcony was a styling project.  Kate Bell did the interior design for this client and ARD were engaged to style the outdoor space, making it a stress-free experience for the client and ensuring the client that their new exterior is as inviting, comfortable and sophisticated as their interior.

The Contour Club Chairs were sourced from Cosh Living, and the Nano side table from Tait.  The decorative, metal screen on the wall is by ARD and the Moderno Pots are from a collaborative collection by ARD & Garden Life.  Don’t underestimate the impact of layering accessories like a screen or beautiful shaped pot, they add depth, colour and texture so these smaller items have a lot of power to add to the overall design. 

The selection of plants is vital as there are not many plants in this space, yet they’ve been carefully curated for maximum interest.  Each plant has a unique habit, with foliage of different colour as this adds texture, movement and life force to the space.