Coastal Balcony Makeover


A Small Investment for A Quick Sale

A casual bar area was added to take in the views and show the multi-use possibilities of the balcony

Existing furniture was painted in fresh coastal white to save on expenses and brighten the space


Recently the Adam Robinson Design team completed a balcony makeover for a client who was preparing to sell their coastal apartment. The team was delighted to see the project featured in the September issue of Inside Out magazine.

As with many home owners who invest in the appearance of their properties before sale, the outdoors is sometimes neglected. What we outline with this project is how a small investment in outdoor styling can add real financial value to your investment.

These are our top style changes from the project:

  • Contemporary yet cost effective lightweight pots were chosen

  • A fresh and bright palette was chosen to compliment the coastal location

  • Plants with interesting and contrasting textures and colours were chosen to touch on the local vegetation

  • The existing furniture was refreshed rather than replaced. Adirondack chairs were given a fresh coat of paint to bring them in line with the bright and fresh colour scheme

  • Contemporary outdoor rugs from Armadillo and Co were used as a tool to soften the dated terracotta outdoor tiles

  • Walls were dressed with outdoor screens and wall art

  • Table top pots dressed surfaces to layer the space and give a truly coastal lived-in feel


A pic of Adam from the Inside Out magazine article

The balcony had ample space for formal outdoor dining and a variety of pot clusters and plant selection


As the interiors of the property were already beautifully styled, the addition of a styled outdoor balcony helped to lift the overall feel for buyers. Buyers got to see the potential of the living spaces and imagine how they might live in the home. 

Our client came away with a great sale and felt the additional investment to their balcony really boosted the value of the house.

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