FEATURE - New Year Inspiration


Our Casaba Balcony Project


We’re starting the new year by sharing one of our most recent outdoor designs with you, our Casaba Balcony project. To get you inspired and feeling creative this new year we thought we’d share a little bit about the design and styling of this modern balcony space.

The balcony is located in Waterloo’s award winning building, the Casaba. Being an important part to the apartment, we treated the space as an extension to the interior living space. The space itself, much to our delight, is large, open and bright. Being open and full of light, we used several design features to emphasise this and finish with a pleasant, contemporary feel overall. 


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To define the space we featured a large dinning area to the centre, supported by two separate bench seating areas to either side. The tiled benches feature beautiful, glossy charcoal, handmade Casa brick supplied from the wonderful guys at Onsite Supply and Design. To add character and scale to compliment the openness of the space, we feature pots both on each bench and sitting alongside. Adding to this, texture and depth are created with the use of simple tiled mirrors. On the opposing wall we complimented the brightness of the space by adding a white lattice feature which stands as a focal point on it’s own and a support for nearby vines to grow over time.


Making up the overall new look contemporary and soft feel is the mix of furniture, pots and plants. The mix of different textured pots with different finishes, such as antique and gloss, add to the mixed feel. To compliment, a variety of very different textured palms, succulents and plants have been used.

A mix of furniture surfaces and textile pattern and colours add to the overall look. We enjoyed playing with these to create character and interesting colour palettes for the space.

We hope you’re inspired to get creative with your outdoor space this new year. For tips on visually defining your outdoor space check out our ‘Using Scale’ article and visit our Featured Plants list to help you select some plants for your garden.

Images by Natalie Hunfalvay.