AILDM Awards


National Landscape Design Awards


Every year, the AILDM National Landscape Design Awards recognise and showcase the very best landscape designers and projects around Australia.

We are so humbled and grateful to have been awarded AILDM’s Gold and Best in Category award several years in a row.

AILDM 2017

Some of the judge’s feedback in the past have been comments such as, “..very stylish and a good  use of a tiny space.”, or “…a challenging brief the designer responded in innovative and interesting ways….”.

In summary, the criteria used to judge the competition is as follows:

  • Does the design address the client’s brief and solve site issues?

  • Does the design suit the site?

  • Does the design show an interesting layout?

  • Does the design incorporate a range of design elements and exploit views in and out of the garden?

  • Does the design have originality, surprise or a ‘wow’ factor?

  • Does the garden incorporate an interesting or innovative use of materials?

  • Are the plants suitable for the environment?

  • Does the planting combine colour, texture and form?

At ARD we always strive to be as innovative as possible with our designs, while being focussed on delivering maximum lifestyle connected to beautiful outdoor spaces which in turn, goes a long way to ultimately providing our clients with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.  That is our mission.

Pictures from the Awards night below.