PLANT OF THE MONTH - The Euphorbia ‘Cowboy’


One of a Kind


We’ve been waiting to share this one of a kind cactus with you all. The Euphorbia ‘Cowboy’ is a beautiful and rare tropical succulent with a stunning shape, growing to about 1.5 metres tall.

Although not a true cacti, they are often referred to as the Euphorbia Cacti. Technically they are a succulent but they sure do look like a typical cactus. 


The Euphorbia Cowboy loves full sun and can also survive in well lit, part-shade. They greatly like a climate which makes then great for a Sydney garden. If used as an indoor plant it will also survive well with good lighting and ventilation. 

In a outdoor space, this plant works great as an architectural feature within a mixed planting scheme or as a contemporary feature on it’s own. It can also make a dry-theme garden really pop. 

Be cautious of the white sap contained within the plant which can be irritating to the eyes. Though they hard to come by so if you spot one make sure you nab it up! 

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