WE LOVE - The Bloom Portable Light


A Contemporary Outdoor Accessory

image source maisonbianchi.nl


Bloom’s Portable Light is both a great accessory to your garden and practical one too. The lamp is designed to function on a rechargeable battery, which means you can play around with composition in your outdoor space.

We love the white for it’s soft light and, although reasonably bright, it's glowing effect. The Portable Light is a contemporary take on an indoor style lamp shade, but also quite sophisticated with this glowing look. You can get creative with it and feature it next to a single occasional chair, thread it through your landscape or even lining a walkway. 

images source Bloom

It comes in 7 colours other than the white, including a sexy pink and warm brown. Constructed in a sturdy shape, from a polyethylene, the lamp is perfect for outdoors and even windy conditions. 

Check it out the Bloom Portable Light at Cafe Culture + Insitu