Cryptomeria Japonica


The Japanese Cedar


Cryptomeria japonica or Japanese cedar is a monotypic genus of conifer in the cypress family.  It is endemic to Japan, where it is known as sugi.

This coniferous evergreen is a great specimen plant that looks good all year round and it’s graceful shape makes it a perfect addition to classic style gardens.  Young foliage appears a pale yellow in a herringbone pattern in Spring and then grows out to a striking contrast of deeper green as it ages by Summer.  They produce crinkly brown cones that dangle daintily from the ends of the branches in Autumn, followed in winter by gleaming new lantern-like cones.

These trees look amazing growing out of really smart pot or can be planted in groves for a Japanese garden effect and they also make for a good tall screening.  They prefer a rich, deep, moist soil that is light and contains significant organic matter.  Full sun is best and protection from the wind, essential.