Style for Value


With Chanelle Ockenden


Styling outdoor areas can improve the chances of a sale of any home from luxury to budget. Properly styled spaces create an atmosphere buyers can resonate with and they also make for great pictures for the advertising of your property. 

Buying a home can be quite an emotional decision, buyers may be swayed to compromise on a property that is lacking in another area if they feel comfortable and relaxed in the space. Styling of outdoor spaces allows the client to visualise and demonstrate how they could live comfortably in your home.

As a starting point, consider what each area will be used for and how it will be photographed. This will help in working out what should stay and what should go. Taking a minimalist approach will help the space feel relaxed and inviting. 

Here are my tips for a style makeover full of value...

Pots +Gardens

Adding a couple of new pots to existing pot clusters will help freshen the clusters. Remove any pots with cracks or marks, clean down all pots and furniture of cobwebs. Cleaning of all paving, decks and re staining if required will enhance the look of the space, this also allows the buyer to imagine moving straight into the property and reaping the benefits straight away.

It is worth every cent to have a maintenance visit with a professional for larger backyards. Pruning of trees and untidy hedges will make the space not only feel tidy, but larger as well.

Pruning of old leaves and under planting will instantly freshen up the look of the pots and leave the filling green and lush. The buyer is more likely to visualise themselves in the space if the area is clean and tidy and easy on the eye.

Re-arranging Furniture

Position furniture into areas for example an area where you could sit and relax reading a book, styled with a side table or somewhere to rest a glass. In lounge areas ensure they do not feel cluttered and there is room to move around.

Areas that encourage conversation so that the buyer can visualise themselves with their friends or family in the space entertaining.


Table Top Pots

Table top pots are a great way to add some instant colour and scent to a space. Having fresh herbs potted on the outdoor dining table or besides the door will leave a scent. Like baking biscuits in the oven, herbs will encourage the buyer to imagine themselves cooking and entertaining in the space.

Using perennial flowers in table top pots will instantly add colour which will lift the space. Because table top pots are small they are a cost-effective way of instant impact.


Adding texture and colour to the space will make the space feel inviting to sit and lounge. Having an area where potential buyers can sit will allow them to vision themselves in the space.


Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are a fantastic way to add texture, warmth and to define a space. Adding the rug to a lounge area also creates another sitting area, by placing outdoor cushions on top of the rug.

Adding greenery indoors.

Adding a plant into the bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom will encourage buyer’s eyes into these areas. Green instantly has a calm effect and enhances the connection to the outside space.


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Chanelle Ockenden

Landscape Designer & Stylist