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In Australia we love a fair go (at ARD we love People Power) and we are lucky to have a consumer protection body like Choice which fights to hold industry and government accountable.  For more than 50 years, Choice supporters have been fighting for fair, safe and just markets.

I’d forgotten about Choice, but quickly became reacquainted as a result of reading an article that claimed my free-range egg I was eating for breakfast, may not have been free-range at al!.

Choice has become a large community that is making a difference to the marketplace and their website holds a lot of interesting and valuable information across a range of outdoor products.


Apart from everything else they do, Choice is a great hub of info on all things outdoor living.  They’ve got a heap of information on products related to camping, outdoor entertaining, gardening, pools and pets to help you get the most out of the great outdoors. Choice testers have already done a lot of the dirty work of trying out a lot of the products on the market to find the best, so you don’t have to!

Plus you can have your say on some of the important campaigns they run such as the Free-Range Egg Campaign calling on ministers to create a national standard for egg labelling, so if you’re paying a fair bit more for free-range eggs (like us at ARD)  – they really should be free-range!

They’ve even launched a free APP- CluckAR to help shoppers identify genuine free-range eggs in the supermarket. Brilliant!

For more information visit the Choice Outdoors guide