Spring Style Clean, Outside


Freshen Up Your Outdoor Space


A spring clean can be quite the therapeutic process and we think a style clean is even better. Here are some quick tips to get your outdoor space looking fresh and stylish for the warmer months.



A nice and easy one for you, cushions. Why not swop some of your more neutral coloured cushions for some bright spring patterns and colours. A beautiful nature print or complimentary garden colours will brighten up your seating area. 

Add a mix of colourful accessories

Coloured stools and new cushions can completely change the space

Glass to accessorise and a vibrant outdoor umbrella will breath new life in to your outdoor space


Accessories are another easy and satisfying way to freshen up your outdoor style. We use apply the same style choose to accessories as we do cushions. Swop out some of your more simple pieces for vibrant alternatives.

Change a plain table top pot for a glass vase, swop your candelabras for sculptures or add a mirror to reflect the sunshine and lighten up your space. The warmer months are of course the perfect time to sit outside in the shade. Add some bold colour and drama with a vibrant outdoor umbrella.

Clean Up

Nothing can clear up the look of your furniture like a good clean. Give your tables a thorough wash and wipe with some good old water. For a solid clean find a recommended cleaner for your wooden and metal furniture. Soft furnishings such as lounges, rugs and umbrellas need your love the most. Make sure you clean them up to their brightest. One our favourite things to do to freshen up a garden is to clean your plants. A good water, trim soil refresh and leaf shine will have your plants looking fresh and new.

Wash walls and leaf shine those plants to sparkling spring style


For the more serious spring cleaner consider a fresh lick of paint to your walls, feature walls or edges. If you’ve been putting off a repaint or new paint makeover, now is the time. Wooden decking and paving can make your outdoor spaces look brand new with a fresh varnish or stain as well.

A new stain and finish to your decking can really life the vibrancy of your outdoor walls

A fresh coat of white paint will make dated areas look brand new


Get creative with your spring clean so you can make the most of your outdoor spaces and gardens during the warmer months. Don’t forget to take a peek at our Style Tips page for more at-home inspiration.