The Zigzag Cactus


A Textural Flowering Evergreen

Selenicereus anthonyanus flowering in luminous pink. image priscilla burcher


A visually interesting and beautiful plant, the zigzag cactus (selenicereus anthonyanus) is one of Adam Robinson Design’s favourites for its structure and flower. This perennial evergreen cactus stems out smooth thick yellow green branches and large flowers. Their flower varieties come in a mix of pinks, violets, reds and whites, popular amongst enthusiastic collectors and plant lovers.

These fast growing plants grow typically as a climber and also harmlessly on other plants. In full length they grow to about 1 metre long and about 15 centimetres wide. Their flowers grow about 12 centimetres long and 15 centimetres wide. 

Like any traditional cacti, the zigzag cactus are fairly low-maintenance and hardy. They love plenty of direct sunlight, but make sure they receive enough water without water-logging. If you’re keen to see their beautiful flowers like us, they usually appear in late spring and early summer, opening in the late afternoon and evenings. Look forward to the flowers beautiful fragrance.


The zigzag's decorative branches. image

A collectable pink and yellow species. image


We love to use this plant in our Sydney gardens in a variety of ways. It looks stunning in hanging pots, a centrepiece or a potted shelf plant with it’s branches hanging over the edge. It’s quite an elegant and graceful plant, we hope you like it as much as we do.

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