FEATURE - A Lush Backyard Oasis


Our Kingsford Project


Many of our inner city Sydney clients come to us with one thing in mind, to transform their empty outdoor spaces. Our Kingsford project is a great demonstration of how an average sized back yard can be home to multiple living spaces. It also has one extra little surprise that we love, an edible garden.

The backyard has been designed to accommodate several different outdoor living spaces. The most obvious is the outdoor pool which nests with a low set, occasional lounge area in the back corner. The area is highly visible, by design, from the home, looking out across the deck. This has been achieved with the addition of a clear pool fence.

The extension of the living space in the home continues out from the indoors to the deck with an outdoor dinning area. This area is completely open plan and leads out to the sizeable lawn area. The owners of this backyard garden wanted to retain some larger lawn space to allow for active outdoor activities.

The lawn is screened from the neighbours by a large green wall and features large, irregular stepping stones which lead down to our hidden surprise feature, the edible garden. The vegetable garden has been designed with raised beds set in individual, circular gardens. This design has been put in place to allow access from all angles, to reduce strain on the body when maintaining and tending to the garden and to prevent compaction, caused from stepping on your garden beds.

Nectarines, peaches, dwarf apples, butter beans, chilis, basil, oregano, mint and thyme fill the veggie garden meaning fresh produce throughout the seasons. The variety and size of the garden means this family is stocked all year long.

Another of our favourite features is the hedge dividing the garden from the lawn. The hedge is a beautiful cluster of rosemary which provides dramatic texture and defines the two spaces. 

We hope you’re inspired to create your own veggie garden. For tips on visually defining your outdoor space check out our ‘Using Scale’ article and visit our Featured Plants list to help you select some plants for your garden.

All images by Natalie Hunfalvay.