PLANT OF THE MONTH - The Kalanchoe ‘Copper Spoons’


Versatile Goodness from The Dracaena Marginata

The Kalanchoe Orgyalis makes a great statement plant. image from taurielloanimaliorchidee on Flickr

Looking full and alive as a garden bed plant. Image from kiyanti2008 on Wordpress

The brilliant coloured leaf of the Copper Spoons. Image from outsideimpact on Flickr


At Adam Robinson Design a large part of the overall feel of the outdoor spaces we create comes down to our use of colour and texture. The Kalanchoe Orgyalis, or Copper Spoons, has a whole lot of colour and texture to offer any garden.

The Copper Spoons is characterised by it’s velvety, succulent leaves which have tiny brownish and copper hairs. They require average watering and well-drained soil and go well in both pots and in the garden. 

Best in full-sun, it doesn’t require too much maintenance. Which we know is a big plus for all of our inner-city Sydney followers! In any space we see the Copper Spoons as a beautiful low hedge or an attention grabbing feature in a mixed planting scheme.

If you’re looking to introduce an alternative succulent, with a strong earthy feel, try this plant out. It can really give you the colour and contrast your outdoor space just might need. 

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