PLANT OF THE MONTH - The ‘Donkey’s Tail’


A Fantastic Tail Indeed

image from Fine Art Photograph


With long, clusters of rain-drop leaves, this succulent trailing plant had to be our plant of the month. Sometimes called a Burro’s Tail or Horse’s Tail, the perennial Sedum Morganianum grows up to about 2 meters long.

The blueish green colour of the plant and the fleshy stems create a beautiful overall look. We love to use this plant in our garden creations. It works great for underplanting a tree in a large pot and on their own as a feature plant or cluster of hanging pots. 

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The Donkey’s Tail will grow in all areas of Australia but may need a little protection in very cool areas. For the neglectful plant growers out there don’t worry, this plant will thrive under harsh conditions. They like full sun light to shady areas and some good drainage. They do require regular watering but can go for extended periods when you’re away on a holiday. 

In the summer months the tips of the stems produce pinkish red flowers. They look spectacular in hanging baskets and high-set, sturdy pots. A great addition to any garden, especially as a decorative feature for a rooftop or balcony garden space. 

Make sure you reward the hardiness of this plant with kindness. Their stems and leaves are brittle and can break off with a touch. As such, it’s best to keep them set back from high traffic areas and not to repot them very often. On the plus side the Donkey’s Tail can be propagated, so any stems that break off can be replanted.