PLANT OF THE MONTH - The ‘Cardboard Palm’


The Popular & Bold Zamia Furfuracea

The Cardboard Palm's beautiful rosette. image source flickr/


The popularity of this beautiful plant is growing fast in Sydney and we think you’ll love it too. This striking and contemporary palm is tough and works well in many environments such as sun, shade, coastal, rockery and container. 

Looking decorative in a row of pots image source

image source

The distinctive, felt leaves grow up to 1.2m long and emerge from the plants centre, which forms a rosette. A great thing about growing the Cardboard plant in Australia is that full sun will allow it to grow up to 1.8m in diameter with an overlapping rosette up to 1m high. 

It’s Architectural leaves have a slightly fuzzy appearance up close and feel a bit like cardboard when rubbed, hence the name. Because of it’s bold and structural appearance it makes great sense in a landscape and as a neat indoor plant.