STYLE TIP - Using Scale


Effectively Create Scale In Your Outdoor Space

Adam Robinson Design's Redfern rootop, featured in the Hidden Design Festival uses great examples of scale with pots, plants and furniture flowing from one feature to the next


Using scale effectively makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your outdoor space. Selecting the size of your elements and relating them together is one of the most important decisions you will make during the design process. What’s important to consider is how the eye will move easily throughout your outdoor space from one object to another. 

Get the scale right and the space will feel effortless. Get it wrong and you’ll face problems such as feeling the space is too cluttered, empty or awkward. 

The good news it’s possible to trick the eye in to thinking a space is something more than what it is, by using scale. Adam Robinson Design has some great tricks for getting things right with scale and creating a great style…


Be Big & Bold
When in a small outdoor garden, courtyard, balcony or rooftop you can sometimes naturally reach for a bunch of smaller objects. In truth, doing this will make the space feel smaller and lacking some harmony. Be bold and select one or two big items that will feature in your outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to go bold if you're going for a particular look. Proper selection of style, colour or finish will set the tone and compliment the look you’re going for. 

Match The Big & Small
You’ve selected some bigger items to make a statement with, now compliment these with smaller and mid sized objects. You can achieve this with pot size, plant width, height and coverage and different pieces of furniture, art and accessories. 

Proportion Is Everything
Break the space up in to pieces like a well composed photo. You want things to feel balanced in terms of how your eye travels around the room. Be sure not to leave too much empty space above and between objects. Not only do you want you eye to move around the remove effectively but you should physically too. 


also from our Redfern Rooftop, an outdoor lounge retreat is made cosy and inviting with a feature pot, small tree and complimentary smaller items

more from the Redfern Rooftop, smaller elements make up the table setting which flows through to a lounge area with bolder items

Autumn in Sydney is a great time to get creative in your gardens and prepare for our gorgeous spring at the end of the year. Get creative with creating beautiful landscapes and outdoor retreats. Be sure to check out some of our other great tips on Creating Pot Clusters and using Breathable Furniture.