PLANT OF THE MONTH - Red Edged Dracaena


Versatile Goodness from The Dracaena Marginata


In Australia we love a plant that compliments our colourful landscapes and the Red Edged Dracaena does just that. The plant features wonderful, long sword-like leaves sprouting out from it’s tall stem. This structure of the plant makes it ideal for setting an architectural tone to your garden or adding a feature to your space.

Red Edged Dracaena, image from

Another great feature of plants that we love, especially in Sydney, is it’s durability. It can take full sun and cold weather, but takes it’s time to grow to it’s full size, eventually reaching around 3 to 4 metres. 

Being versatile, it makes care for the plant relatively easy. Pruning out some of the cane like stems in spring will help promote a nice spread of the foliage and also makes for beautiful composition. 

The structure, colour and height of the Red Edged Dracaena may be just the thing your garden or outdoor space needs. For other plant options for your gardens check out our Featured Plants.