STYLE TIP - House Numbers


Styling the Front of Your Home


Every detail about the face of your home adds to the feeling that the outside of your home creates. The front of the house and the house number can often be the first indicator as to what to expect inside. It sets the tone for the garden, the house and is the first impression to all of the mood you’re setting. So why not make a stylish first impression!

Whether you’re going for something fun, something sophisticated, something contemporary, or something grand, there’s a style of house number out there for everyone.

When it comes to styling with numbers we like to keep it simple with texture, colour and materials. Simple silhouettes made from wood, metal or terracotta can create interesting features of your house numbers. For example, pair metal numbers with a brick wall or terracotta with wooden panelling. 

Making an impact or getting wrong can come down to colour selection and scale. Our number one tip is to create contrast and make your house numbers stand out with the colour. Lastly ensure that the size of your house numbers are just right. Consider their relation to other elements on your wall or surface, such as windows, lights and doors and if the numbers dominate or compliment. We like to say, keep is stylish by complimenting the surrounding elements. 


There’s a great collection of new products to choose from in the house numbers market. We particularly love the contemporary range from Robert Plumb. Their terracotta numbers come in a wide variety of colours, take a look