PLANT OF THE MONTH - ‘Frosted Curls’


The Always Fashionable Carex Albula

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The Frosted Curl is a small plant that we think makes a big impact. Adam Robinson Design has used this little plant in a variety of our Sydney projects as an accent.

What we love is the draping appearance of it’s long fine foliage with it’s soft curl, can add a softer touch to your gardens and plant clusters. Adding to this softness is the silver age light colour of the foliage which often creates texture and contrast. We think it works really well in drifts and with other taller, straight grasses such as the coppery leaves of the Carex Buchanannii.       

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This plant looks like a grass but is technically a sedge. They take some wetter conditions and grow best in milder climates. The clumps these plants grow in form low, cascading mounds and can easily be divided in Spring. In addition, they may also self seed and come true. 

As a mostly evergreen plant and drought tolerant, it’s well suited to our Sydney climate and makes a beautiful, complimentary accent to any garden.