Farfugium Japonicum


Tractor Seat Plant

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© Adam Robinson Design Tractor Seat Plant 6.jpg

We love the Farfugium japonicum ‘Gigantea’ or Tractor Seat Plant, (self explanatory!) is also known as leopard plant, or green leopard plant (not quite sure why!).  It’s part of the family Asteraceae and is a species of flowering plant native to streams and seashores of Japan, where it is called Tsuwabuki.

This clump-forming evergreen perennial is stunning growing in gardens as much for its eye-catching foliage as for its yellow, daisy-like autumn flowers.  The large, glossy, leathery, tractor seat-shaped, dark green leaves can grow to 12” or more across.  Leaves are evergreen in warm winter climates.  Even with adequate moisture, leaf wilting may occur in the heat of summer, particularly if exposed to too much sun. 

They prefer moist soils that never dry out, shaded or partial shaded positions and mulch well to stop them drying out. It’s a perfect feature or accent plant, in containers, as a border, beside a water feature or pond, or in a tropical-style foliage garden.