Egyptian Pink Limestone

Gatherco’s Latest Offering


At ARD we are absolutely loving Gatherco’s latest offering The Narmer Collection of Premium Egyptian Limestone.

Named after the first King to unite Egypt, the Narmer Collection surfaced over twenty million years ago when the Mediterranean receded across the Sini Peninsula.

A wealth of Limestone was exposed providing ancient Pharaohs with what became the fundamental element for creating the spectacular pyramids of Giza.

A versatile artefact, Egyptian Limestone is a precious material that embodies the contrast of the Sini Region in its wide range of tones and textural subtlety. The stones inherent longevity is evident in its capacity to endure the harsh, arid and fluctuating environment of the Sani Peninsula. It is a hard, durable and incredibly dense material; making it perfectly suited to modern design and architectural applications.

Limestone is sedimentary rock predominantly comprised of skeletal fragments of coral. Famous landmarks and monuments featuring limestone include the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx of Giza and the Statue of Queen Anne at Queen Anne’s Gate.

There are six colours of the limestone available but my favourite is the Zahri – Red Sea Pink Limetone.  Just stunning!

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