Accent Plants

Indoor Connection with The Outdoor World


Biophilia is the hypothesis that humans have an innate propensity to connect with the natural world.  I’m guessing, that would be because we are a part of nature?! The indoor plant is a huge trend underway all over the globe, except this time we don’t think it’s merely a trend but part of our awakening Biophilic nature. 

Our interior spaces are not only bringing the outside in through larger architectural openings to the outdoors, indoor plants, and cut flowers, branches, rocks and even trees but also via the more subtle connectors such as natural, tactile materials, botanical motif and objects of nature as curated art. 

The stunning Casa Artedomus showroom in Rosebery, NSW, designed by The Stella Collective + Thomas Coward Studio definitely put plants on a pedestal.  In a neutral environment, the warmth and energy of verdant green plant foliage and their textural quality has been used to make quite a statement for nature while complementing their products perfectly.

Pictured Project - Casa Artedomus, Rosebery NSW, 
Design - The Stella Collective + Thomas Coward Studio
Photography - Derek Swalwell + Nicole Reed