Akebia Quinata


Chocolate Vine


Akebia Quinata, also known as ‘The Chocolate Vine’ is a native of Northern Japan.  It is an evergreen to semi-evergreen fast-growing climber which is deciduous in cooler climates however, in warmer areas it can be used as an evergreen cover.  It has pale green foliage which grows in five-leaf clutters, with pretty pale milky brown to deep purple cup-shaped flowers in spring. The flowers have an exquisite and unusual fragrance and is perfect for a sensory garden.  It’s called ‘Chocolate Vine’ because it’s fruit smells like chocolate apparently. 


This vigorous and robust climber needs to be kept under control in warmer climates where it does have a tendency to spread easily.  It’s a great plant to grow over fences, pergolas and trellises for shade and can also be trained along wires. 

Chocolate Vine can be pruned back slightly after flowering or pruned back hard in winter.  It likes a full sun position and rich, moist soil.  If flowers from spring through to Summer.