Sansevieria Cylindrica

The Snake Plant


Sansevieria cylindrica also commonly known as the cylindrical snake plant or African spear is a succulent plant native to Angola. 

This is a drought tolerant plant and has striped, lengthy, smooth cylindrical leaves in a grey/green colour.  The spear-like leaves grow in a fan-shaped habit, spiking out of a central basal rosette.  It develops an erect flower spike with pretty greenish white tubular flowers that are tinged with pink and growing in clusters.  Flowers are also nicely fragrant. 

This is a plant that almost thrives on neglect.  It’s popular as an ornamental plant and is easy to care for indoors as long as their pots are well drained.  A truly interesting and unusual plant they prefer bright plenty of direct sunlight, however will tolerate a little bit of shade – but too much, and they will stop growing.