Panda Plant

Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Stairs extending from this beautiful deck in to the lawn below, from our  Rose Bay project

Kalanchoe tomentose ‘Chocolate Soldier’ is a beautiful fuzzy-leaved succulent that grows in a loose rosette of oval-shaped, fleshy leaves.  This is a really attractive plant in a pale silvery green with a uniform chocolate-brown speckling along the leaf edges.

This is a good low-maintenance and drought tolerant perennial shrub and quite easy to grow.  It likes well-draining, sandy or gritty succulent soil.  It likes morning sun or partially sunny position – it likes protection from the harsh afternoon sun and can grow indoors as long as it has some access to sunshine.  Make sure to not over water and it likes to be allowed to dry between watering.   Propagation of the Chocolate Soldier is quite an easy and inexpensive way to get more plants.