Hakea Laurina

The Pincushion Hakea


The Pincushion Hakea grows to an attractive large shrub or small tree that is native to south-western Australia and is a great street, screening and hedging plant.  It can also be a good feature plant as it has plenty of wow-factor!

Part of the Proteaceae family, it has the very Australian blue-green foliage with attractive, shapely, well-spaced leaves.  The flowerbuds emerge and become chubby and pointed by Autumn and are covered  with ornamental scales that are velvety white.  Flowering starts towards the end of April.  The gorgeous pin cushion flower heads are completely rounded in a red to deep pink, with long, white or cream projecting styles.  The flowers give off a pleasant scent and it’s a hardy, drought tolerant plant which attracts birds, bees and butterflies into the garden.

It flowers best in a sunny spot, however it can be grown in part shade although that lessens the number of flowers and it will develop a more sparse growth habit.