Banksia Prionotes

The Orange Banksia


Banksia prionotes, is more commonly known as acorn banksia or orange banksia.  This stunning species of shrub or tree is of the genus Banksia in the family of Proteaceae.  It is native to southwest of Western Australia, and has slender, long leaves edged with a saw-toothed zig-zag as well as impressive orange conical-shaped flowers that look like giant, spikey acorns that occur at the end of the branches. 

Flowering is usually Autumn and Winter and the little spikes on the flowers are usually covered in soft fuzz.  The seeds are hidden inside follicles attached to a woody cone and are generally enclosed within the cone until burnt.  This is a uniquely beautiful ornamental species that is highly prized as a cut flower due to its amazing colour and striking foliage.