Aloysia Triphylla


Lemon Verbena


Lemon Verbena is a beautiful plant to have in any garden for its stunning fragrance and it grows virtually anywhere throughout Australia, although it’s not very keen on frosts. Place them in areas where you brush past them to release the incredible perfume.

In the garden, lemon verbena is a shrub that prefers light shade, well-drained soil and reaches about 2 metres high and can become straggly, so it benefits from pruning.  In spring or whenever is needed throughout the growing season, just snip branch tips and stems to encourage the plant to bush out nicely and keep in the desired shape.


This fragrant beauty grows well in a pot in a warm, sheltered spot.  You can take cut flowers and foliage indoors for their lemony scent as a natural air freshener.  The leaves make a delicious and calming herbal tea, just put the leaves in a pot, either on their own or combine with a little rosemary, thyme or mint, pour boiling water over them and let steep before pouring.  The leaves are also a great addition to any cold, refreshing drink or cocktail.  You can also impart their lemony flavour into cakes and biscuits by mixing lightly bruised leaves into sugar for a few days or at least overnight, then separate the leaves and use the sugar in your recipe.