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InsideOut Feature

Waterloo - Balcony Garden Design

 Photography by  NATALIE HUNFALVAY



Thanks to InsideOut Magazine for featuring this smart balcony we created for clients in Waterloo, Sydney.

We believe that having a fab outdoor space at home is as good as a having a holiday weekend away – but it’s on your doorstep all year round!

Our client who owns this Waterloo home has a sophisticated interior so, for a seamless segue way between in and out, we created a sophisticated exterior for a unified design.

The balcony faces due north all day, so the plant palette was selected in response to this. The storyteller plants are a great mix of sculptural cactus with softer underplanting planted into hand thrown pots including the new grey Moderno ARD pots – a collaboration between Adam Robinson Design and Garden Life. It’s a restrained, decluttered space and therefore has strong impact as a result.

We’ve chosen strong elements that represent a clear look and feel. Classic charm with a contemporary edge of modern metropolis is how best to describe this balcony’s vibe.