Even though this house was a large oversized terrace, we had a pocket-sized outdoor space to turn into a usable petite garden. Our client is an absolute plant lover, so even though the space was miniscule, they really wanted it to feel like a lush garden.

We built a floating bench to provide a destination point to attract people to perch upon it. Being cantilevered the bench doesn’t take up too much room and gives the illusion of space and openness. Floor is a natural split stone, chosen for its organic, earthy and natural qualities. A raised planter full of Magnolia, Draceana and Cordyline provide screening from the neighbouring apartments next door, while not crowding the living space, but rather, keeping the ground plane unencumbered and open.

The hanging lights seem like pretty lanterns that blow in the breeze. The timber slatted screen add a feeling of tropical modernity and doubles as a gate and screens off the driveway. The plant palette was kept loose and blousy, with plenty of soft textures, which make the whole space feel verdant, fertile and very green!


 Photography Natalie Hunfalvay




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