This lovely family garden in Coogee was such a pleasure to work on. My dream clients entrusted me with creative control on everything for the outdoor space, thereby enabling us to pull the entire project together in a holistic, concise and considered way. We even repainted the house.

It was very important to my client that their home’s interior flowed effortlessly and seamlessly into their garden and that’s exactly what my team and I love to deliver!

The planting scheme is coastal, contemporary, we’ve selected extremely hardy, textured plants that will withstand the harsh seaside elements such as Kalanchoe ‘Silver Spoons, Strelitzia nicholia and Podacarpus elatus. For a city garden, we managed to fit a lot into the garden; a beautiful pool, covered entertaining area including dining, a barbecue and even a nice amount of lawn around the pool. We used Bluestone paving and pool coping and softened the steps by planting out the risers with Buxus japonica.

The house itself is an older traditional style so although the outdoor space is more contemporary, we were very mindful that the garden still unifies well with the building.

The Armadillo Indoor/Outdoor rug anchor the outdoor lounge area, creating a comfortable conversation zone with comfortable deep-seater timber armchairs and sofa. The rug, tactile timber and the upholstered cushions on the furniture bring in the important elements of soft comfort, and a warm luxury because they’re elements that feel great against the skin.


 Photography Natalie Hunfalvay




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