The Hamptons Look

Hunters Hill

Stairs extending from this beautiful deck in to the lawn below, from our  Rose Bay project

The Hamptons-inspired style is perfect for Sydney’s beachside suburbs and ARD’s clients chose this aesthetic because it’s sophisticated yet still suits laidback family living. Our client wanted a relaxed outdoor haven to spend their downtime at home. 

The team and I designed with a Hamptons aesthetic in mind, but with a modern twist.  The project included the front and rear gardens and apart from the benefits to the owner’s lifestyle, a beautiful garden also adds value to the property.  The garden is the first thing visitor’s see on their way to the front door.


The elegant exterior colour palette of the house painted white and grey with a silvered timber wraparound deck, are the perfect backdrop for a beautiful garden with plants in every shade of verdant green.  The plant palette is textural with lush green foliage creating a calm, cool atmosphere and attracts dragon flies, butterflies, bees and birds to take sanctuary amidst the shrubbery. Although, the garden design looks deceptively simple at first glance, there’s a purposeful, layering and mix of grasses, ground covers, shrubs and trees with sixteen different plant varieties throughout.  These include Frangipani, giant Bird of Paradise, coastal Banksia, Olive trees, Agaves, giant King Red Bromeliads, Dichondra Silver Falls and Silver Swords. 

The north-facing garden is low maintenance for maximum enjoyment and recreation.   It’s a life-affirming sanctuary that will enhance the wellbeing of the owners and their family through providing that all important opportunity to connect with nature.