STYLE TIP - Indoor Plants


Keep the Indoors Alive with Outdoor Inspiration

soften a corner with a bold plant. image source


For the plant lover, in the Winter months when it’s chilly outside there is no reason not to have plants inside. There are many plants that work indoors and there is lots of design styling fun to be had with them.

Adam Robinson Design has a few great tips to follow when styling your indoor plants:


Consider where and why. 
Some spaces benefit greatly from indoor plants. They soften the surroundings and can completely change the look and feel. A green accent of plant life can bring together larger open plan living spaces, give a natural touch to a minimalist style or soften and bring life to wooden decking, brick walls or cemented areas.

Think about how much plant life your space needs and what overall finish you’re going for. For example, soften a cold sharp corner in a walkway with a cluster of pots in the corner. Check out our tips on creating the perfect pot cluster for this one.

create scale with a huge plant. image source

define a space with a collection of plants. image source


Add an element of scale.
The size a room appears to be can be altered with the use of scale. As an example, consider using larger plants in combination with smaller items, such as furniture, to create scale and depth. 

Define a living zone. 
You can zone off an area within a space to create two spaces with separate uses. A great way to do this is with indoor plants. Use a cluster of tall potted plants or a series of hanging plants to create an edge and define an area. Check out our run down of the ‘Mistletoe Cactus’ as a great hanging plant solution. 

the textural Cardboard Palm image source flickr/

add colour with the colourful leaves of a Croton plant. image source


Create colour and texture.
There are some great examples of plant leaves and different flowering plants which can be used to add colour and texture to your space. Contrast or compliment furniture, paint finishes, floor coverings or other indoor elements with your plant choice. Pictured above, consider a ‘Cardboard Palm’ for texture or a colourful Croton for a touch of subtle colour. 

treat your plant placement like art piece. image source

try an attractive 'Pencil Plant' in the window. image source


Treat it like art.
A tall Bird of Paradise, freestanding, in front of a blank wall or perhaps a ‘Pencil Plant’ on a stool in a reading corner, can be just as beautiful as a great piece of art. Get creative with this one. 

Be sure to check out our recent post on caring for indoor plants for our best plant care tips.