Get Styling With Pool Tiling


Paving, Mosaics & Decking

Three textures create a chic style at this pool from our Balmain Garden project. Image by Natalie Hunfalvay

At Adam Robinson Design we take careful consideration when selecting materials to use for pools. Most importantly is the desired mood or feeling the overall area should have. 

For example, we love the idea of adding timber decking in place of old tiles. Decking can create a wonderfully modern look and create a textural, relaxing beach feel.

To take the style of your space to an ultra contemporary look and feel, a mixture of materials can really set off a spectacular and chic look. 

Pictured, Design It Landscapes put together a mix of timber decking extending from the home, meeting with a large sandstone tile. The mix of colour and texture subtly plays with light from the surroundings and sets off a unique overall style. Our team added the finishing touches with a classic modern occasional chair and complimentary pieces throughout.

Experimentation with mixing multiple pavers, materials and colour is something we are starting to see... and we welcome it.

For those of you lucky enough to have a backyard pool, how it looks can really add value to your property. If you're thinking about updating the look of your pool, consider a style change for the paving surrounding your pool.

In Sydney we're blessed with great outdoor-friendly weather 9 months out of the year. Fitting in with our happening outdoor lifestyles, new trends continue to emerge in pool styles. Experimentation with mixing multiple pavers, materials and colour is something we are starting to see in landscape design and we welcome it.

For a light and refined pool and space, a white mosaic can really complete your pool. A lighter colour creates a bright and reflective surface and isn't overpowering visually. A bluestone can add a great the sense of heritage and give a very English or Melbourne style pool surround.

Playing with the size of paving or thickness of decking around your pool is also very important when creating the right style. Using an oversized paver can provide a sense of scale and expand the space visually.

Lighter, large pavers open up this pool surround at our Balmain Garden project. Image by Natalie Hunfalvay

Compliment the home by making use of existing materials to extend out to your pool surround. Image by Natalie Hunfalvay

We also can't pass up a very modern and minimalist concrete finish we designing surroundings for pools. It's a modern twist on a traditional material and comes in an array of muted and coloured textures and finished.

We enjoy working with a mix of materials and textures on every new project and love sharing projects we've created and worked on with you. For more advice and inspiration visit our Style Tips page.