STYLE TIP - Mirrors


Double Up Your Style With Mirrors

a wall of frames or frame cluster. image source


Adding a mirror to a garden can give a great illusion or sit as an interesting art piece or accessory. We’ve got some great ways you can use a mirror in your own garden just in time for Spring.

Gather a collection of different shaped and or framed mirrors to create a cluster wall. Don’t forget, you’re playing with light. Try each of the mirrors out in different positions to see what lighting effects you can achieve and what reflections look best. 

extend beautiful lines with mirror blocking. image source

create an illusion. image source

Great depth can be achieved extending existing lines you have within your garden. If you have a great lines created from such things as a long curved garden edge, a feature wall, fence or stream of water, adding a large mounted mirror at the end of these will extend your line of sight.   

Many of you will want to simply create an illusion of space. This is best achieved by using larger sheets to fill an entire surface. Consider which wall, for example, will best add space to your garden.

install a unique art piece made of mirror. image source

compliment with a floor standing framed mirror. image source

A stand alone piece of mirrored art can make a garden look ultra fresh and contemporary. Have a look at the pics above for some inspiration. You can also create art out of everyday garden objects by placing mirrored panels on the items. Check out the mirrored picket fence below.

Water features, dinning settings, plants and more can be given that extra special touch with a complimentary mirror. A water feature can look extra clean and modern with the touch of a mirror. Add it where the water falls or behind the feature to show it off from all angles. Place a large framed mirror at the end of a dinning setting to make it extra mod. Most of us have a favourite plant that is the star of the garden. Place a large mirror behind a large or decorative plant to show off all of it’s good sides. 

garden portals. image source

create art with mirror panels. image source art created by Alyson Shotz

Portals are popular uses for mirrors and can work quite well. Place a mirror with a larger frame at a junction, or at the end of, your garden. If it looks like you can step through in to a second area, you have yourself a portal. Make sure a variety of objects such as pots, plants or garden surfaces meet or surround the mirror so it doesn’t look out of place.       

Preparing surfaces, setting up and mounting mirrors can be difficult. For smaller mirrors, read your instructions well and don’t rush the install. For bigger sheets, get the professionals in to install for you.     

For any help with styling or installing your mirrors give the Adam Robinson Design studio a buzz.