One Balcony, Four Ways

with Harbour 1976


We collaborated with our friends at Harbour 1976 to illustrate four different design styles for one balcony as inspiration to show how you can make the most of a minimal amount of space to maximise lifestyle. Everyone knows that when it comes to apartment living, space is hard to come by – especially outdoors! As Australians we are so lucky to live in a climate that allows the use of a balcony all year round. Why wouldn’t we transform that precious outdoor area into a second living room, and it can be done in just a few easy steps, perfect for relaxing and entertaining on the weekend, chilling out after work in the evening with a glass of pinot or lazy brunches on Sunday mornings.

Whatever size your balcony or terrace, there is always potential to make the most of the space. I always start with a backdrop of green-life because that’s why we want to go outside, to be closer to nature and it’s therapeutic, calming effect. Choose a palette of plants that will suit the natural elements of your space and combine them with simple, modern-shaped pots. Then choose your outdoor furniture setting to complement your indoor lounge so your balcony becomes an extension of your total living space

Harbour's elegant, contemporary furniture, coupled with lush plant palette and modern pots and accessories, set new trends for 2019, particularly when approaching seamless indoor and outdoor living.

Transforming your outdoor space is all in the details. Combining materials such as Olephin rope, environmentally friendly plantation teak, organic curved edges and unexpected textures creates an interesting, versatile space. More and more, home-owners are selecting pieces from different collections to showcase their unique style and tastes
— Patryc Lampasi, Harbour 1976


An interesting mix of black and white pieces, with natural timber to soften and provide a warm, earthy vibe. This lounge suits the urban couple that enjoys style but don’t like committing to just one collection.

The mix of charcoal, black, white and grey tones, as well as natural timber allow this setting versatility to suit any space. This arrangement allows for intimate dining for 4 people and they can all completely stretch out on the comfortable lounge furniture as well.



This fresh coastal palette is timeless and classic. The punchy white in the aluminium and synthetic mesh fibre give this setting longevity and feels so crisp and smart, while the natural teak provides warmth as it slowly develops patina over time turning a soft grey.

This style suits the couple that enjoys a relaxed, coastal approach to entertaining as well and having the opportunity to kick back and chill out at home.

© Adam Robinson Design One Balcony Four Ways with Harbour Outdoor 1976 BOHO CHIC.jpg


This eclectic selection of furniture across multiple collections provides a sense of light-hearted fun. This playful style appeals to the host who loves to entertain friends and family in an effortless manner or crave the ultimate chill out zone to relax and unwind.

This approach takes on an ‘anything goes’, spontaneous style and can be added to very easily along the way.

© Adam Robinson Design One Balcony Four Ways with Harbour Outdoor 1976 STYLISH.jpg


Dark, elegant and moody are the key words that sum up this lux style. The arrangement calls for long boozy lunches and delightful dinner parties for groups up to 10 people. The long dining table stretches out across most of the area and we’ve used a bench seat to simplify and minimise the messiness of having too many chairs. The charcoal teak and dark aluminium sits effortlessly against the zinc paneling endowing a sense of subtle sophistication.