Adaptable Suburban

Dulwich Hill Landscape Design Project

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This pocket-size suburban garden was designed around the lifestyle of a family of four.  The clients wanted a adaptable and multi-purpose space that could be used in a whole host of ways, ranging from relaxation, reading, painting, and quiet conversation, as well as for pastimes such as barbecuing, dining, entertaining and kids play. 

The house opens up completely at the rear, making the most of the outdoor expansion of the entire dwelling. The style of the interiors is continual and is transported through to the outside.  The mirror is a great decorative feature and entices people to enjoy the garden.

The way the paving transitions from solid paving to planks then break down into pebbles of the same colour and then integrates with the green grass into a full lawn is an inspired treatment underfoot.  It’s a great mix of textures and the combination is a more organic approach than one surface abruptly stopping where another begins.

The planting behind the timber benches has been cleverly done surrounding people with nature when seated making the most of time outside in nature.  It’s a sensory experience as you can hear the rustle of the leaves moving in the breeze because foliage is right by your ear.  ‘The details are not the details, they make the design’, said Charles Eames and this is the case here.

Bamboo planted against the fence successfully screens the apartment block next door, making this a private sanctuary in the middle of the buzzing inner-west of Sydney.